Mar 29

Social Security

Farmwomen often lack knowledge of their social security entitlements and/or lack the socio-economic means and capacity to access the grants.  This is often due to the government’s incapacity and inability to deliver social security effectively and efficiently, particularly in rural areas where the population is dispersed.  Thus, farmwomen also lack knowledge of any changes in the application requirements or are not informed of the status and progress of their applications.

Together with Sikhula Sonke, our Social Security Programme aims to inform farmwomen of their rights (to social security) and to facilitate farmwomen’s access to social security grants.

WFP is in the process of securing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Justice which will enable the programme to have Information Points at Magistrate’s Courts in Paarl and Worcester where trained farmwomen volunteers will provide social security advice and support to women attending court.

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