Mar 29

Trade Justice

WFP has not had a defined Trade Justice Programme as our engagement around trade was largely ad hoc and centred on specific campaigns, most notably, the Tesco campaign in partnership with ActionAid (UK) and Oxfam UK.  Tesco is a British supermarket and one of the biggest purchasers of South African fruit in the EU market.

Research by WFP and ActionAid found that human rights violations of women farm workers are widespread on many Tesco-supplying farms in South Africa.  As part of the campaign, WFP and Sikhula Sonke have challenged Tesco about the poor working and living conditions on these Tesco supplying farms.

The Programme is principally driven by the Executive Director because, unlike the other programmes, it has a limited focus which is mainly through the formation of strategic campaign partnerships around specific trade justice engagements.

The objective of the Trade Justice Programme is to contribute to the creation of a just global trade system and in the short term, to influence trade policies, agreements and practices in ways that benefit women farm workers.

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